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Sommaire / plan du cours

Sustainable Development
History and meaning of Sustainable Development (SD)
Student brainstorming on its implication for enterprises

Corporate Social Responsibility
The foundations of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Governance, ethics, compliance and CSR guidelines
Working Group exercise on Insurance and Energy cases
Review of the Risks for our planet, from climate and energy to the Sustainable Development Objectives

Renewable Energies
Global energy and electricity situation worldwide
General view on Renewable Energies
What solution for intermittency ?
Student Brainstorming on storage solutions
Solar Energy
Worldwide and local situation,
Technological, economical and CSR aspects

Wind Energies
Worldwide and local situation,
Technological, economical and CSR aspects

Why should enterprises listen, to their stakeholders including in Renewable Energies activities ?
Student Brainstorming on wind energy
Risks Mapping and actors of the risk management
Working groups exercises on risks in mining, environment

The opportunities linked to the megatrends
Student brainstorming on the case of an oil & gas producer

Biomass and Solar new business models
Overview on biomass
Examples of new business models in Renewable Energies
Economic and CSR Performance
CSR and shared value creation
Performance monitoring (interactive part with the students on environmental, safety, social KPIs for an Alt. Energy Cy)

Interactive conclusion of the seminar

Certificate ceremony



Durée prévisionnelle

5 half days (20 hours) or 5 days (30 hours)
as requested by the University,
including numerous brainstorming and interactive parts with the students

Public visé

1) Bachelor Students or Master of Science or of Business/Management, Schools of Engineers or Management
2) Engineers in the Industry sector or in services close to the Industry

Moyens pédagogiques

Slides to be presented from a lab top.
Need a video-projector on site.
A printed document corresponding to the slides presented will be available for each student at the beginning of the seminar


No specific prerequisite (except for the language to be used during the 5 days).
See also "Who should attend"


Understand the stakes of Alternative Energies worldwide
Understand all aspects of Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility with a focus on Renewable Energies.Be able to implement or develop CSR policy, actions and thus to contribute to improve the economic performance of the Enterprise.
The concepts will be highlighted by many examples, including from the Professor experience.

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