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Introduction to the Exploration-Production Process

Sommaire / plan du cours

Energy and Exploration
Definition, units, order of magnitude
Consumption, sources, and trends
Where can hydrocarbons be found ?
How are hydrocarbons generated ?
How can hydrocarbons be discovered (geology) ?

How can hydrocarbons be discovered (seismics) ?
Drilling and Appraisal
How can a discovery actually be made ?
How can a discovery be confirmed ?

Reservoir Engineering & Production
How are field reserves estimated ?
How does a hydrocarbon reservoir produce ?
How can production from a reservoir be enhanced ?
How are the effluents processed ?
Health, Safety and Environmental issues (HSE)
Corporate Social Responsibility
Development and Field Examples
How are offshore fields developed ?
Some examples of field development
Multiple choice questions on the 4 days course
Economics and Strategy
How much is invested in the EP Industry ?
How is the decision to invest taken ?
Which kind of contracts are there between Host countries and International Oil Companies ( IOCs) ?
Illustration of the EP Process through a "cartoon case"

QCM Results, Course Evaluation and Certificates


French, English or Spanish

Durée prévisionnelle

Five half days, or a total of 15 to 18 hours.
Duration and content of the course can be adapted and customized to the participants' technical background, requirements, interests and needs.

Public visé

Students at BSc or Master level, in petroleum geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering, construction, economics, ... interested in upstream activities. It will bring some industry information and complements to their university academic courses.

Moyens pédagogiques

One paper copy booklet (A4 size, with 4 color slides per page) in English only No digital support provided (e.g. on CD or USB key) due to data confidentiality.


A real interest for the Exploration-Production Industry and a fair academic or technical level in one of its disciplines is required to attend such a course

A good understanding of one of the 3 offered languages is needed


An introduction to the Exploration-Production Process from the initial search to the abandonment of the discovered field; this course shows many examples of development and producing field with the support of short videos.

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