Presentation of TPA

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Présentation of TPA

Total Professeurs Associés was established in July 2001 and operates as a Loi 1901 (i.e. not-for-profit) association.
Our goal is to build bridges between the oil industry and academic circles by delegating professors or experts who deliver technical or business-related presentations.

Member professors are working or retired Total Group employees who lecture in their field of expertise. Together, they cover all the technical and non-technical areas that a large international group can encompass. A regularly-updated list of courses and professors is available on the website.

In practice, European engineering schools, business schools and universities interested in one or more of our courses approach us with their request.

We approve the course and put the relevant member professor(s) in touch with the interested school or university. They agree on course dates, content, audience level and prerequisites, and possibly compensation.

TPA can cover member professors' travel expenses but we do not charge for our services. We also take care of the teaching logistics (in the form of CR-ROMs, photocopies, and the like).

All TPA courses outside Europe are organised via the appropriate Total Group subsidiary.